Verse one


Music composer for media and film. Musicologist, modern guitar player and self taught piano player.  Living in Tenerife, Canary Islands, (Spain), but “glocally” orientated, as a dedicated musician I am basically devoted to making music and music tracks to provide Stock Music Libraries, and some other more exclusive Music Licencing agencies.  I write original music for indie/short films, aiming for an international context of relationships and networking among media content creators.

I welcome musical fusion and experimentation with sound, timbre, genres and textures. Nevertheless my style remains quite introspective, intimate and meditative, generally speaking. As mentioned, I make music (arranging, orchestration and production involved) focused on simplicity, evolving into more complicated textures, forms and instrumental pieces, very often intentionally searching for a crossover of styles and moods in the same composition. 

Special or specific projects like spots, commercials, teasers, trailers or documentaries which require or demand original music are welcome as well. Each and every case will be treated and approached accordingly with clients demands, objectives and purposes. Reach out for me whatever questions you have and I will try my best to achieve what suits your idea, both functional and creatively.