Normal, regular fees are charged by minute (or fraction) of produced music (arranging, mixing and audio mastering included), according to:

  • total amount of original music required
  • complexity of tracks and music style
  • media field, audiences/public exposure
  • time of delivery
  • number of mixes/stems required
  • music copyright agreements


All music production services provide two revisions of final tracks delivered. 

  • One minute of fully produced music (up to 6 instruments):            170 euros/min
  • One minute of fully produced music (up to 8 instruments):            230 euros/min 
  • One minute of fully produced music (more than 9 instruments):    270 euros /min


 Other projects and needs: Fees can be negotiated and be flexible. 

Specific projects like spots, commercials, teasers, trailers or documentaries which require or demand original music are welcome. Each and every case will be treated and approached accordingly with clients demands, objectives and purposes. Reach out for me whatever questions you have and I will try my best to achieve what suits your idea, both functional and creatively.