Verse two

When it comes to music licensing, I invite and welcome music supervisors, directors, producers, curators and other media content creators to listen to my music and reach out for me in case they find my music and style suitable for their needs, whatever the project is about. It would be a challenge and a pleasure if I could bring and add some value to it.

I  work non exclusively with some Music Libraries and Agencies, creating musical content in a variety of styles, moods and instrumental genres. As a member of BMI and SoundExchage affiliate, I manage my own music catalogue at the moment, still growing. I partner with Songtrust as a Music Publishing Admin Service for most of my music and also work with CDbaby Pro Publishing and Distrokid when it comes to digital distribution.

My music copyrights (both, compositions and recordings) are properly registered at SafeCreative, all of which can be found and checked as general public information at their website. Feel free to ask for sync-licencies fees or for custom made music -rates and prices- as well.

Tracks to license at Songtradr